Workshop Part 1- ‘Breathing is Being’

Workshop Part 1

‘Breathing is Being’: Be guided through the Breathwork Technique and Meditation Practice, founded by Eleni Khan; used as one of her greatest tools for personal development, which can be applied to everyday life or deepening your personal practice on any level. Breathwork is known to merge the conscious with the subconscious, accessing deeper levels of healing in Mind, Body and Spirit, and Transformation on a Cellular Level.  This ancient Breathing technique is known to ‘Alleviate Suffering’ and access our ‘True Nature’.


**This method is taught for personal use, not permitted for business purposes or advertising.**

**You will receive a certificate of completion for ‘Personal Use’ upon completing this workshop at the Retreat, as a pre-requisite for future ‘Breathing is Being’ Teacher/Practitioner Training’s.** 


  • Learning the ‘Breathing is Being’ three step Breathing Method and Guided Meditation Practice.
  • Transforming Negativity and Obstacles into Opportunities.
  • Clearing our mental clutter and practicing accessing deeper levels of Meditation and Mindfulness.
  • Deepening your relationship with the ‘Divine’ in You.
  • Setting the grounds for working with the energies of ‘Divine Intervention’ through Radical Acceptance and Compassion.
  • Transforming Resistance into Acceptance and moving through ‘Resistances’ with ease and understanding.


“Her work helps to assist in manifesting deep transformation and inviting positive change to help support individuals under any life circumstances, in pursuit of spreading the innate love and compassion that exists in us all.”

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