Workshop Part 2 – ‘Learning to Listen to ‘Divine Guidance’ from Within’

Workshop Part 2

‘Learning to Listen to ‘Divine Guidance’ from Within’:  While “Seeing with our Eyes Closed and Listening with our Hearts Open” With more accuracy and clarity, learning to tap into your inner guidance and spiritual development. Fine tuning and enhancing your own personal connection to your ‘Higher Self’. There will be sharing exercises, practice and guidance in real time:

  • True Listening’ and Awakening to your ‘Divine Guidance Within’
  • Automatic Writing and Channeling Messages 
  • Learning the difference between ‘Inner Guidance’ and ‘Mental Projections
  • Group sharing and putting techniques into practice
  • Becoming a vehicle through which ‘Divine Guidance’ can freely channel through
  • Creating the foundations for alignment with what is ‘The Way’ for You and your ‘Higher Purpose’ or ‘Path’ in life
  • Learning the ‘Dialogue with the Divine’

Enjoy a heart warming experience with Eleni, gaining deeper insight into all life’s matters; past present and future, with clarity, accuracy and profound insight.

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